About Boxed Memories

25+ Years Of Experience

We are a family-owned and operated business with over 25 years of experience in the creation of framed sports and entertainment memorabilia. We pride ourselves on the detailed processes followed each day to produce the highest quality items for our clients and customers.

The Boxed Memories Process

The Explanation of Elevation

Handcrafted Designs

Each art print or photograph that we frame is first carefully designed with the customer in mind. The process begins with hand sketches and mat color matching to accentuate the vibrance and energy of the subject being framed. 

Advanced Manufacturing

After the initial design is settled upon, every aspect of the layout is coded into proprietary manufacturing software, ensuring that our process is consistent across every iteration of an item. Reductions in unwanted variations and mistakes benefit each and every final product with speed and consistency. 

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Each morning the Boxed Memories™ Frame Shop receives and begins the process of transforming raw materials into stylish frames. Our frame shop coordinator carefully cuts and nails each section of moulding to the exact specifications of each item. This process is facilitated with professional-grade saw equipment and high-end nailing machinery. 

Hand Sized to Perfection

Just as the process of item creation is beginning in the frame shop, our team of matting experts begins hand-sizing the necessary mat board for each print or photo. These mats are then run through large-scale professional mat-cutting machinery, programmed with the same design specifications decided upon during the item creation phase. The end result is a perfectly beveled edge revealing either the white, cream or black core of the matting to make the color pop. 

Designing the Details

Now the fun really begins! Our design team crafts each plate with the most important stats, the catchiest quotes, and the classiest layouts possible. It's not just Wikipedia on the plate, we take the time to create a collectible plate you can be proud to own. 

Precision Item Accents

The Boxed Memories laser engraving department creates each plate for inclusion in the finished product using state-of-the-art computing software to feed industrial laser engraving machines. We customize each plate's sizing for the perfect alignment with the matting design.  

It's All Coming Together

Our goal is to assemble the finest framed art and collectibles on the market today. Our experienced taping and assembly staff carefully integrate each piece of the item process into stylish finished items. After inserting the engraved plate and securing the photographs onto the matboard, we send the sub-assembly to the master assembly station for inspection and completion. 

Quality & Consistency

The item is then carefully inspected to ensure consistent quality for every order. Our assembly & quality control team brings over a decade of experience to the final stage of the creation process. We install fresh glass into the custom frame, secure the item and finish the assembly with smooth high-grade backing paper. To complete the process we install durable and strong hanging hardware so each collectible is wall-ready the moment it arrives.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Boxed Memories is proud of the team effort we put into each item's creation process. We believe our combined hands-on experience of over 50 years framing collectibles shows in the final products our customers display proudly in their homes and businesses. We hope that your next sports or art collectible arrives from us with our promise that it meets and exceeds your expectations. 

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